Master the Art of Business 

24 - 26 November 2021  |  Citywest Hotel, Dublin, Ireland 
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The World's Best Mini MBA

Transform Your Business Skills at this Incredible 3-Day Seminar

Day 1 - Rapid Growth

How to Multiply Sales & Profits Fast

Day 2 - Financial Mastery

How to Maximise Cashflow & Business Value

Day 3 - People Skills

How to Hire, Manage & Lead the Top 1%

Real World Results

A Mini MBA attendee achieved these results in just 90 days following the event

339% More Profit

29% More Time

71% Less Stress

What You Will Learn

3 Incredible Days. 12 Powerful Masterclasses. 1 Stunning Event


Day 1 - Rapid Growth

Masterclass 1 - Masterplan

How to Build a Lean Mean Money Machine

Masterclass 2 - Strategy

How to Outsmart Your Competition 

Masterclass 3 - Sales

How to Sell like a Pro

Masterclass 4 - Marketing 

How to Take the Market by Storm 



Masterclass 5 - Accountancy

How to Understand the Language of Business 

Masterclass 6 - Cashflow

How to Manage the Lifeblood of Business - Cash

Masterclass 7 - Wealth

How to Multiply the Value of any Business 

Masterclass 8 - Mindset

How to Overcome Stress, Build Confidence and Become Unstoppable



Masterclass 9 - Recruitment

How to Hire the Best of the Best

Masterclass 10 - Management  

How to Replace High Maintenance with High Performance 

Masterclass 11 - Leadership 

How to Inspire People and Build a World Class Team

Masterclass 12 - Negotiations

How to Handle Difficult Conversations and Negotiate Better Deals 


Learn more in three days than you would in three years from any other university




  • Registration is at 8:30 am on the first day
  • The seminar runs from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm each day
  • Graduation is at 5:30 pm on the final day
  • Tickets are non-refundable
  • Accommodation and meals are not included


Skills are the Master Key to Success.

To be a great golfer you need golf skills. To be a great chess player you need chess skills. To succeed in business you need practical business skills.

A lack of business skills is the #1 cause of business failure and frustration.  

Without the right skills we lack confidence, results are patchy and success becomes extremely difficult.

In any business the 'technical skills' needed to do the work are very different to the 'business skills' needed to run the business. Just because you can cook a steak doesn't mean you can run a steakhouse. While technical skills are useful, business skills are essential.

Enterprise is for those who want to truly master the skills of business and build a better life.

During this intense three-day seminar you will study all the key areas of business including sales, marketing, operations, accountancy, strategy, recruitment, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, culture, psychology, philosophy, wealth building, negotiations, stress, vision, mindset and much more to help you master the art of business.

Enterprise is a jargon-free-zone and is unlike any seminar you have ever seen before - it's light years ahead.

Nowhere else can you learn so much in so little time. 
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Who Attends Enterprise ?


Who want to make their mark


Who want to accelerate their career


Who want to teach practical business skills

International Attendees

Enterprise is highly accessible to delegates travelling from the UK, Europe, the US, Russia, Africa, Asia and beyond.

Dublin Airport serves over 180 routes with direct flights to all major UK and European cities and daily flights to the Emirates and several North American cities.

Dublin Airport is just 20 minutes from the seminar venue - the Citywest Hotel

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Transform Your Skills with Keystone

Transform Your Business Skills at the World's Best Mini MBA



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"Light years ahead of the competition"

Brian Tracy
Speaker, Author, Success Expert

"A world-class session that will leave you enthused and motivated"

Matthew Teague
Entrepreneurial Spark, Ulster Bank

"A firestorm of common sense, intelligence and jargon busting"

Kevin Traynor
Marketing & Digital Leader

"I came away with the tools to grow and improve my business"

Ashleigh Watson
Marketing Consultant

More Money, More Time, Less Stress

Most people are not making the progress they would like. They are sacrificing their personal lives for their work and are so busy fighting fires they are in real danger of burning themselves out. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Imagine making more progress than ever before without sacrificing your personal life. Imagine having the skills, connections and confidence you need to take things to a whole new level.

The fastest way to get what you want is to find someone who has been there before - someone who can teach you the skills you need, the shortcuts you can take and the mistakes to avoid

While it's smart to learn from your own mistakes, it's a lot smarter to learn from the mistakes of others.

We founded the Keystone Business School because we were tired of the waffle, jargon and complicated academic theory that passes for business education these days. Enterprise is a jargon-free-zone.

We have no interest in the latest jargon or complicated academic hypotheses that only ever work in theory. We focus on practical business skills that get results in the real world.


Our mission is to build the world's best university - a place where serious businesspeople can master the skills of business fast. We believe in simplicity, and designed Enterprise to be the best mini MBA on the planet. The seminar is so powerful it helps all sorts of business people - from entrepreneurs to executives, managers to investors, accountants to coaches and everyone in between. 

No matter what your current situation, Enterprise will help you accelerate your results and transform your future. You will also get the three things you want most - more money, more time, and less stress.



What's in it for you 

A world-class business education 

More money, more time, less stress   

Transform your future in three incredible, life-changing days 

Save years of frustration 

Learn more in three days than in a three-year MBA at most universities 

Get inspired to be more, do more and have more 

Walk out a completely different person from the one who walked in  

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20 Minutes from Dublin Airport

Easy access via M50 Motorway

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We Compress Decades Into Days


We Make the Complicated Simple


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