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Exclusive material only available once a year in Dublin, Ireland


Explore the Great Mysteries

Day 1 - Ancient History

Day 2 - Modern Science

Day 3 - Human Evolution  

6 - 8 May 2020 ~ Citywest Hotel

Dublin Ireland

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Awaken the Genius Within

Day 1 - Mind Mechanics

Day 2 - Creative Thinking

Day 3 - Inspired Mission 

5 - 7 Aug 2020 ~ Citywest Hotel

Dublin Ireland

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Master the Art of Business

Day 1 - Rapid Growth

Day 2 - Financial Mastery

Day 3 - People Skills

2 - 4 Nov 2020 ~ Citywest Hotel

Dublin Ireland

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"Keystone's material is light years ahead "

Brian Tracy
International Speaker, Author & Success Expert

Mission - The World's Best University

We are a new type of university who dares to go where others won't

Our mission is to build the world's best university - a centre of excellence that pushes the human race forward

We demand excellence, dare to be different & dream about changing our world

This is Keystone

Atlantis Ireland

Ireland's history has been mutilated. Its time to put the record straight

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