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We get up every day to help push the human race forward


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World Class Seminars

Exclusive material only available once a year in Dublin, Ireland


Master the Art of Business

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"Keystone's material is light years ahead "

Brian Tracy
International Speaker, Author & Success Expert


The Worlds Best University

Our Mission is to build the World's Best University - a centre of excellence that pushes the human race forward

We are not a traditional university & we don't pretend to be - we are a new type of university with a huge vision, determined leadership & a razor sharp team with the courage to go where others wont

We demand excellence, dare to be different & dream about changing our world. This is Keystone

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World Class Research

Our work is cutting edge & very controversial - we don't care what the academic mainstream says today - we care what our descendants will say 1,000 years from now

We are presently researching 3 areas

Atlantis Ireland - solving the greatest mystery in human history

Stargate Maths - a new type of maths to empower a scientific revolution

Smart Money - an education backed currency to end global poverty & help humanity evolve

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Support Our Work

Building a new university doesn't come cheap. If you would like to financially support our work or join our research team get in touch - alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean

Keystone Enterprise Centre

In 2025 the Worlds Best Enterprise Centre will open in Ireland

Imagine 70,000 Square Metres of Business Space, Europe's Largest Hotel & the World's Best Conference Venue all under one roof

Welcome to the Future

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What Makes Keystone So Different?


We Compress Decades Into Days


We Make the Complicated Simple


We Help You Succeed


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