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A University for Mavericks

A maverick is defined as a person who shows independence of thought and action - a free thinker.

Keystone is a university for mavericks, a unique school of advanced studies that provides the best educational seminars on the planet - highly practical and intensive courses that compress decades into days.

Attending an expensive, jargon-filled, three-year course is not remotely practical for most adults, however, attending a short seminar is. You will learn more from our practical 'real world' teachers in three days than an 'ivory tower' academic can teach you in three years. 

Keystone's seminars are a jargon-free zone and are crammed with practical knowledge. Our seminars are open to anyone, regardless of age, previous education, race, background, or experience. 

Welcome to the future of education.


"Keystone's material is light years ahead"

Brian Tracy
International Speaker, Author & Success Expert

World Class Research

Research That is Light Years Ahead of the Mainstream

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The World's Best Fertiliser

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Stargate Maths

The Language of the Universe

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Atlantis Ireland

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Mission Impossible

Our mission is to build the World's Best University - a centre of excellence that transforms global education, inspires generations not yet born & pushes the human race forward.

This is Keystone.



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Building a new university isn't easy. If you would like to support our work in any way or join our research team please get in touch. Alone we are a drop, together we are an ocean.

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