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Who Want a Culture of Excellence

Business People

Who Want to Make Their Mark


Who Want to Inspire Others


Light Years Ahead

Welcome to the Future of Business Education

Entrepreneurs Masterclass

Discover the Secrets of the Entrepreneur Mind

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The Three Day MBA

The Worlds Best Mini MBA

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Entrepreneurs Masterclass Dublin

Wednesday,  May 1st,  2019,  Gibson Hotel,  Dublin 1








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Lesson Plan

Three Powerful Sessions. One Incredible Day

Part 1 - Profit Secrets

Create a Stunning Plan to Explode Your Profits

Part 2 - Growth Secrets

Learn the Secrets of Rapid Growth Companies

Part 3 - Success Secrets

Discover How to Get What You Want

The Three Day MBA

The Worlds Best Mini MBA

Call 1890 987 656

Lesson Plan

Three Unforgettable Days. One Life-changing Experience.

Day 1 - World Class Strategy

The Secrets of the Worlds Best Companies

Day 2 - Financial Mastery

Learn the Language of Business 

Day 3 - Enterprise Value

Multiply the Profit & Value of Any Business


What our clients say


"A world-class session that will leave you enthused & motivated"

Matthew Teague
Entrepreneurial Spark, Ulster Bank

"A firestorm of common sense, intelligence and jargon busting"

Kevin Traynor
Marketing & Digital Leader

"I came away with the tools to grow and improve my business"

Ashleigh Watson
Marketing Consultant

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World Class Results

A client achieved these results in just 90 days

339% More Profit

29% More Time

71% Less Stress

Free Business Tips

Monthly Tips on How to Be More Profitable & Productive

What Makes Keystone So Different?

Keystone teaches you things no-one else can teach you

Practical Skills

That work in the real-world

Powerful Secrets

For your eyes only

Pure Simplicity

No-one makes it simpler

More Money, More Time & Less Stress

The sad truth is most people are working too hard for too little reward, sacrificing their personal life & are so busy fighting fires they are in real danger of burning themselves out. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Imagine making more progress than ever before without sacrificing your personal life. Imagine having the skills, connections & confidence you need to take things to the next level.

The fastest way to get what you want is to find a guide who knows the road ahead. That's how we can help. Our mentors have played the game before & have the scars to prove it. All day every day we help people get the three things they want most - More Money, More Time & Less Stress.

You Miss All The Shots You Don't Take


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