Maverick Research

Light Years ahead of the mainstream

Supersoil Fertiliser

The World's Best Fertiliser 

We have developed a revolutionary organic fertiliser that restores soil fertility, creates topsoil, and can help reverse global warming by removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Black Holes

Unlocking the Mystery 

Our team are unraveling the exact mechanics that power Black Holes & will explain how a 'Grand Unified Theory' is found at a Black Holes Core

Big Brain

Infinite Intelligent Universe

Our team will prove that the holy grail of science - the Big Bang theory - is wrong, that the hunt for dark matter is a wild goose chase, and that the universe is not a big bang, it's a big brain.

The Profit Formula

 Business Success System 

We have developed a beautifully simple success system to multiply the profits, cashflow, and enterprise value of any business.

Life Origins

Solving the Great Mysteries

Slowly but surely we are unravelling the greatest unsolved mysteries in modern science - the evolution of man, the origins of life, and the nature of consciousness.

Stargate Maths

The Language of the Universe     

We have uncovered some of nature's hidden mathematical patterns and developed a completely new type of maths to empower a scientific revolution.

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Creative Genius

Unlocking the Mastermind

Our team has undertaken the largest ever investigation into the subject of genius and have discovered unique patterns that can be used to inspire greatness and multiply human intelligence.

Smart Money

Ending Global Poverty    

We have developed an 'education backed currency' concept - a practical solution to end extreme poverty and raise the global levels of peace, prosperity, and education.

Atlantis Ireland

Megalithic Mother Culture    

We have compiled overwhelming evidence that the legend of Atlantis is loosely based on Stone Age Ireland - the source of a seafaring megalithic mother culture.

Medical Breakthroughs

Ending Human Suffering

We are developing advanced solutions to permanently cure some of the major medical challenges facing humanity including cancer, viruses, and mental illness.

Advanced Technology

Next Generation Performance

Our team is developing cutting-edge tools that multiply performance, reduce costs, and deliver more output with less input.

Sustainable Energy

 Clean Green Energy

Our team is developing sustainable energy solutions to help reduce the World's dependence on fossil fuels and empower an energy revolution 

The Keystone Centre

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The Profit Formula

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