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The Ultimate Success Shortcut

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Real World Results

A client achieved these results in just 90 days

Monthly Profit ↑ €28,348

After growing his profits our client was able to give himself a long overdue payrise

Cash in Bank ↑ €120,633

By Improving cashflow our client was able to invest in some badly needed equipment

Working Week ↓ 17 Hours

Our client now enjoys a lot more free time & a huge decrease in his stress levels

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Your Success Options

Business mentoring unlike anything you have ever seen before

Level 1 - Masterplan

Replace Confusion with Clarity

Level 2 - Goldmine

Turn Your Business Into a Goldmine

Level 3 - Accelerator

Take the Success Fastlane


Replace Confusion with Clarity


One Day Business Planning Session

Learn How to Double Your Profits

Discover Sales & Marketing Shortcuts

Get Absolute Clarity on Your Goals

Leave with a Stunning Business Plan

Investment €1,000 + Vat

No Win No Fee Guarantee

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Turn Your Business Into a Goldmine


All Masterplan Benefits +

Business Healthcheck

Discover Untapped Goldmines 

Maximise Your Cashflow

Multiply Enterprise Value

Investment €2,500 + Vat

No Win No Fee Guarantee

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Take the Success Fastlane


All Goldmine Benefits +

Weekly Business Mentoring

Monthly Skills Training

Quarterly Masterplanning Session

Access to a Power Team of Experts

Investment €2,500 + Vat / Month

No Win No Fee Guarantee

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What Our Clients Say


"A world-class session that will leave you enthused & motivated"

Matthew Teague
Entrepreneurial Spark, Ulster Bank

"A firestorm of common sense, intelligence and jargon busting"

Kevin Traynor
Marketing & Digital Leader

"I came away with the tools to grow and improve my business"

Ashleigh Watson
Marketing Consultant

How It Works

Everything you need to know about our three mentoring options

Level 1 - Masterplan

Replace Confusion with Clarity

Masterplan is an incredible one-day planning session where you will get absolute clarity on your business and life goals & create a clear plan to achieve them.

During our time together you will learn how to explode your profits, discover powerful shortcuts & leave with a stunning plan that sets pulses racing. 

No longer will you wake up in a fog - you will leave crystal clear on how to build the business & life of your dreams.


Call 1890 987 656

Level 2 - Goldmine

Turn Your Business Into a Goldmine

Goldmine contains all the benefits of Masterplan with the added benefit of having our analysts perform a health-check on your business to discover your untapped goldmines before we meet up.

There are only four possible bottlenecks that can stop a business from reaching the next level & almost every business has just one that's holding it back. All day every day our team turn bottlenecks into goldmines. 

Once our research is complete we sit down together for a day & help you turn your business into a goldmine.

Call 1890 987 656

Level 3 - Accelerator

Take the Success Fastlane

The Keystone Accelerator is a proven mentoring system designed to help entrepreneurs, business owners & management teams achieve incredible results without sacrificing their personal lives.

Participants enjoy weekly business mentoring, monthly skills training & a quarterly masterplanning session to help them transform their business & build a better life.

The Keystone's Accelerator is unlike anything you have ever seen before - it's light years ahead.

Call 1890 987 656

Every Hero Needs a Guide

Business people are the real heroes of any economy - they solve problems, create jobs & deserve the rich rewards that come from running a successful business.

However, the sad truth is most business people are working too hard for too little reward, sacrificing their personal life & are so busy fighting fires they are in real danger of burning themselves out. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Imagine making more progress than ever before without sacrificing your personal life. Imagine having the skills, connections & confidence you need to take things to the next level.

The fastest way to get what you want is to find a guide who knows the road ahead, someone who can teach you the skills, secrets & shortcuts you need to succeed.

That's how we can help. Our mentors have played the game before & have the scars to prove it. All day every day we help business people get the three things they want most - More Money, More Time & Less Stress.

You Miss All The Shots You Don't Take

What Makes Keystone So Different?

Keystone teaches you things no-one else can teach you

Practical Skills

Power tools for the mind

Powerful Secrets

For your eyes only

Pure Simplicity

No-one make it simpler

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Free Business Tips

Monthly Tips on How to Be More Profitable & Productive 

Bulk Buyers

Specialist solutions for banks, enterprise accelerators & multi-nationals

Seeking Investment?

We can help you create an irresistible investment pitch

Business Incubators

Maximise your results with our turnkey business accelerator

Recent Case Study

The owner of a wholesaling company asked for our help. He was frustrated that while sales were up cashflow was down & he knew his business should be making a lot more money than it actually was. This business owner was really feeling the strain of working longer hours than ever before & was in real danger of burning out. 

While from the outside it appeared as though this client had built a solid business the truth was he was growing more & more frustrated by the day with the lack of progress and was particularly frustrated that he was spending so much time as he called it 'fighting-fires' & ‘babysitting his employees' rather than spending time growing the business.

We analysed the business to find the bottlenecks & goldmines. When we sat down with the owner he was stunned with just how much money he was leaving on the table & how simple it was to fix it. There were several areas of improvement. For example, he discovered how with better stock management & tighter credit controls the business would easily have €250,000 more cash in the bank within three months. He also learned that by applying our turnkey management system his employees would have to think for themselves which would save him 10 - 15 hours a week of firefighting & babysitting.

This client implemented most of the suggested improvements & performance has exceeded our expectations - cash in bank is up by almost €300,000 in a little over 4 months & the owners average working week is now less then 40 hours for the first time in years, down from over 60 hours. He no longer works late evenings to ‘catch up’ & even has time to take his eldest to football every Saturday morning.

We get up every day to help business owners achieve results like this.


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