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Awaken the Genius Within

Unlock Your Creative Superpower - The Higher Mind
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This One Day Seminar Is For...

Business People

Who Want to Make Their Mark


Who Want to Inspire Others


Who Want a Culture of Excellence

You Need To Attend If . . . 

  • You Want to Tap Into Your Higher Mind, The Source of All Creativity
  • You Want to Discover What Really Inspires You & Why
  • You Want to Be Able To Create Stunning Ideas, As If By Magic
  • You Want to Master the Keys to Creativity & Innovation
  • You Want Know How to Take Ideas Out of Your Mind & Into The World
  • You Want to Master the Power-Tools of Creative Thinking
  • You Know Deep Down That You Are Capable of So Much More
  • You Refuse to Settle for a Life of Quiet Desperation
  • You Dare to Be Different & Would Rather Stand Out Than Fit In
  • You Want to Help Others Succeed & Make Your Mark on Humanity
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What is Awaken the Genius Within?

Awaken the Genius Within is a one-day seminar designed for people who want to unlock their creative superpower - the higher mind.

Suitable for all ages and backgrounds, Creative Genius is the only place on earth where you can learn the practical thinking tools, mind secrets and creativity shortcuts that you wish you were taught at school.

No prior qualifications necessary, once you can read & write we can help you access your inner genius - the higher mind. 

This seminar is unlike anything you have ever seen before - its light years ahead. 

Welcome to the Future.

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9am - 11am - THE HIGHER MIND

During This Session You Will ...

  • Discover the Master Key to Accessing Your Higher Mind at Will
  • Learn a Little Known Secret of the Mind to Help You Create Stunning Ideas
  • Understand the differences between Brainstorming, Mindstorming & Masterminding
11am - 1pm  - THE IDEA FACTORY

During This Session You Will ...

  • Develop Stunning Ideas That Set Your Soul On Fire 
  • Participate in Powerful Brainstorming, Mindstorming & Masterminding Sessions
  • Create a Big Vision for your Career & Your Life, Even If Thinking Big Terrifies You


2 pm - 5 pm -  The MASTERPLAN

During This Session You Will ...

  • Create a One-Page Masterplan to Build the Career & Life of Your Dreams
  • Find Your #1 Happiness Bottleneck & Smash Right Through it
  • Discover How to Live a Life of Purpose, Meaning & Inspiration


Call 1890 987 656

Meet Your Speaker

The event is designed and delivered by Anthony Woods, author of The Profit Formula, founder of the Keystone Business School & a European Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist at BEF 2017. During this powerful event he reveals the powerful thinking tools he used to grow a business 2,100% during the credit crunch & shows you how you can use the same tools to unlock your inner genius.

An International business speaker, author & entrepreneur Anthony is deeply passionate about helping people succeed. Not one to take himself too seriously he openly shares the countless war stories, tough lessons and powerful secrets he has learned the hard way. His background is a compelling true story of how he went from being sick, broke, and unemployed to building a multimillion euro business from nothing. 

Today Anthony spends most of his time teaching business & creativity to companies of all shapes & sizes. He has even taught business to banks which is quite ironic since at one point in his life he was so broke that when he walked past a bank the alarm would go off! His Mission is to build the Worlds Best Business School - a centre of excellence that pushes the human race forward. His teaching style is a powerful blend of simple tools, practical skills & inspirational stories. No-one makes education simpler or more entertaining.

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"A world-class session that will leave you enthused & motivated"

Matthew Teague
Entrepreneurial Spark, Ulster Bank

"A firestorm of common sense, intelligence and jargon busting"

Kevin Traynor
Marketing & Digital Leader

"I came away with the tools to grow and improve my business"

Ashleigh Watson
Marketing Consultant

More Money, More Time & Less Stress

The sad truth is most people are working too hard for too little reward, sacrificing their personal life & are so busy fighting fires they are in real danger of burning themselves out. 

It doesn't have to be this way. Imagine making more progress than ever before without sacrificing your personal life. Imagine having the skills, connections & confidence you need to take things to the next level.

The fastest way to get what you want is to find a guide who knows the road ahead. That's how we can help. Our mentors have played the game before & have the scars to prove it. All day every day we help people get the three things they want most - More Money, More Time & Less Stress.

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